Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blog 5
Nathan and Alex.

Hello again everyone, apologies that it's taken me a couple of weeks to get my 5th blog written, as I've been busy with some cake orders for my online business, 'Antonia's Bakery,' as well as another lovely author event at Barton's Bookshop in Leatherhead.

     If you've never been can I just say please go!.

 This isn't to shamelessly plug their shop, it's because I want as many people as possible to 'experience' Barton's.
     Remember the elderly gentleman who's house Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy are sent to in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? - there's something magical about him, he knows that Narnia exists somewhere in his house or at least he doesn't disbelieve it....Ok..., now head down to Barton's and meet Peter who runs the shop...they're cut from the same cloth. :-)

So, back to the book: I said in my last blog that I was going to write about my real life story behind the 'incident,' in chapter 10, but I've changed my mind, I don't really want to go into minute detail about the pain and horror I went through at the time. I was only 11 when it happened but I can remember everything after the event as if it were yesterday. The only thing I will say is that like Nathan, there really was a night when I thought I might die. I lay there watching the second hand of the clock tick round and round, hoping and praying I would make it till morning. When the pain got too bad I tried to press the button the nurses had put into my hands but even with both thumbs on top of it I had no strength and couldn't depress it.

    So I just had to wait.....All night.

But hooray, - I'm here! I DID make it,  I got better and I've travelled the world, completed bike marathons and 30 charity runs, built my own cake business, sold my drawings, achieved a degree and been thrice engaged...even better than that, because of and in spite of everything in my life, I have stayed the incurable romantic...and that's why I wrote Nathan and Alex.
Have a wonderful week everybody. :-) A M Cridland. xxxx

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