Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blog 4. Nathan and Alex

Yesterday I started to re read my original story from 1989 that inspired 'Nathan and Alex,' all these years later, and I could remember where I sat in my Mum and Dad's house on a red velvet sofa with long tassels all around the bottom edge which draped to the floor.

I remembered sitting with my dark blue A-4 lined notepad with its smart leather effect front, I had really, really long hair and I could see white apple blossom out of the window as I wrote. No one else was at home and I got completely taken into the world I was creating.

Just holding that notepad again is in itself remarkable - because look at all the memories it evokes...

I can literally remember how my body felt to be 17, how food tasted, what the weather 'smelled like'  - yes I know that sounds odd but I think some people will know what I mean.

All I can say is wow! It still astounds me that I found it again and now the book's out there and I love it like mad.

Enough week, how I came to write the dramatic 'INCIDENT' in Chapter 10. It's based on real life experience and was pretty horrific at the time. If you haven't read that far yet or don't want to spoil the story, DON'T READ NEXT WEEK'S BLOG!!!!

You've been warned....
Have a wonderful week everybody.
A M Cridland. xxxx

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