Thursday, 15 August 2013

....Spine tingling...that's how I left my last blog, and it truly was to find my story after all that time!

So you know how the idea of Nathan and Alex jumped with both feet into my head now, but what you don't know is the depth of passion it created in me. When I say that if felt as if Nathan were standing beside me telling me how he met the love of his life, it really did. I run my own online bakery and it's been hard getting it off the ground in its first couple of years, but now, I had something to reward myself with, time alone with my computer at the end of every day where I would write and write.
   The most incredible thing about having a story that really grabs you around the heart like this one did for me, is that you can't not write it. It just has to come out. So much so that in the course of a particularly intense few weeks of writing, I sat down each night at 6.30pm to do a few pages. 'Hollyoaks' was on, low in the background, my tummy rumbling a little and I could see the black winter evening skies through my tall balcony doors, and then I was away. My fingers would literally fly across the keys, - it was just there in my head, Nathan's love, Alex's intensity back,....the 'incident!' - all of it!
   Some while later I would realise that my body suddenly felt truly shattered, I knew I'd written much longer than I'd planned to and as I looked up toward the clock, expecting to see midnight at the very worst, on FIVE separate occasions I was dumbstruck to see that it was now 6.30am the following morning. I was so absorbed and entwined with the boys story that I completely lost myself to it on many occasions. The last time it happened was even later, I snapped back to reality by someone banging on the door, it was the FedEx man. As I blearily signed for my parcel he said 'good morning,' - I turned my wrist over, saw 8.10am, replied 'goodnight,' and fell into bed.....

NB Look out for my next blog...the best 7 months of my life and writing 'the sex scenes!' - just remember NOT to think of your parents or friends while you're writing them.....!

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