Sunday, 28 July 2013

One day in the school holidays, at the age of 17, I flicked on the tv and saw a gorgeous young guy on a beach gazing out to sea at the surfers having fun on the waves. Suddenly I was struck by the idea that he fell in love with one of them and began to write a fantastically romantic tale of first love. I reached about the 30 page or so mark and then horror of horrors, I lost the manuscript....for TWENTY YEARS !

2011 came and delving into the bottom of an old writing box I suddenly came across it again....serendipity stepped in. How did that happen ? I'd moved house no less than 30 times for work in the intervening years, and never came across it and yet here it was, my cherished story, back in my hands again !

I started writing immediately, words flew from my finger tips and 3 other ideas popped into my head.
One morning, as I typed away on the 3rd, it was as if Nathan stepped up beside me and said 'hey, here's the story of how I met the love of my life, would you like to hear it?' - so I began to write Nathan and Alex. I could see every single detail, every hair on their heads, every stitch of clothing and hear their voices as if I'd known them was spine tingling.....

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  1. Cool that you found the manuscript after such a long time: was meant to be....