Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blog 4. Nathan and Alex

Yesterday I started to re read my original story from 1989 that inspired 'Nathan and Alex,' all these years later, and I could remember where I sat in my Mum and Dad's house on a red velvet sofa with long tassels all around the bottom edge which draped to the floor.

I remembered sitting with my dark blue A-4 lined notepad with its smart leather effect front, I had really, really long hair and I could see white apple blossom out of the window as I wrote. No one else was at home and I got completely taken into the world I was creating.

Just holding that notepad again is in itself remarkable - because look at all the memories it evokes...

I can literally remember how my body felt to be 17, how food tasted, what the weather 'smelled like'  - yes I know that sounds odd but I think some people will know what I mean.

All I can say is wow! It still astounds me that I found it again and now the book's out there and I love it like mad.

Enough week, how I came to write the dramatic 'INCIDENT' in Chapter 10. It's based on real life experience and was pretty horrific at the time. If you haven't read that far yet or don't want to spoil the story, DON'T READ NEXT WEEK'S BLOG!!!!

You've been warned....
Have a wonderful week everybody.
A M Cridland. xxxx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nathan and Alex
Blog 3.
The best seven months of my life and writing....THE SEX SCENES!!!

Imagine if tomorrow you could wake up and instantly have your dream job?

Well that's how I felt when I found my manuscript again after 20 years lost.
   Sitting down to write once more with the same passion that I hadn't really felt since 1989 was incredible. By day I was a cake designer and decorator and by night I turned into a word crazed writing demon.
   Something took hold of me and I couldn't stop, it really was as if Nathan and I had met and he'd told me all about Alex and their incredible love story. Each night I was completely absorbed in their world, I've never felt such utter contentment in my life and I always knew where the next part of the story was going. If I had to stop and fall into bed, I'd write a quick bold type faced synopsis of the next part so that I wouldn't lose the process and ideas.
   I wish that writers could scan the images in their minds into a video or camera roll of pictures because the hillside village and school that I created for my boys to live in are incredibly picturesque and impossible to do adequate justice to.

So onto the sizzling do you write the SEX???!!!😳

Well first of all you just write it. If you've had sex, especially both hot and loving, then give it a're unlikely to go wrong.

Secondly, never EVER imagine your family reading it! Shudder.....

And thirdly,  - if in any kind of doubt or you just want to double check stuff that maybe you're less familiar word...GOOGLE!

I also had the back up of a great gay friend who steered me to several rather 'revealing' and retina stingingly hot sites....Sorry where was I,....distracted for a mo....😃! Ha ha.

Lastly,...get into bed, switch out the light and close your eyes. With no one around, in this quiet little world of your imagination, remember being desperately in love yourself, think of your stomach full of butterflies and your skin electrified by their touch...then the rest will come.

Until next time...and always with my love,

A M Cridland. xx